Video Before and Afters

I have been looking through a few of my shorter video recordings on my computer and it occurred to me that I could create a sort of before and after video collection. It is worth noting that these videos have different content, and have been created with different settings and lighting. Nonetheless I think they might say or indicate something.

The skin changes between the first and second clip are obvious but I also think there is some subtle facial difference between the second and third clips. What do you think?

Author: ausefulobsession

In summary, I am a 25 year old woman who was neglected and abused as a child. This resulted in physical illnesses, worsened illnesses I was predisposed to, and gave me a mild disfigurement. My blog is essentially a self development blog, wherein I try to deal with the physiological and psychological leftovers of my experiences.

12 thoughts on “Video Before and Afters”

  1. Zoe ! How are you? You came Back , and gorgeous!. I missed your posts and i thought you wouldn’t post again.You don’t know how much you inspire me , thanks for coming back !

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    1. Sorry for not posting often or rather almost never haha
      I am in my last year of university, I am doing a few courses on the side of my degree (animal care and veterinary nursing) , have a relationship to maintain, and I look after animals for money so there’s always something to do.
      So at this stage in my life I am fairly busy, however I suspect I will have more time to post when I leave university in June and start looking for full time work.
      I am doing perfectly fine, rosacea is fine, health is fine, and I am probably more confident than I was the last time I posted. I’ll explain the thoughts I had regarding confidence one day when I finally make a post.
      I hope you’re doing well too Kari and take care! 🙂
      Kind regards,
      Zoe x


  2. Hello,

    That was a very helpful post for many fellow post accutane sufferers. I would like to know if these anti-flushing medicines are to be taken forever to control the flushing? Or a course of these combinations would suffice to calm down the rosacea into remission.
    Thanks much for your helpful post and reply in advance.


  3. Hello! I love your website, it’s an incredible inspiration. I am considering Le fort because the bottom whites of my eyes show but I am hoping that this can save me from surgery. Can I ask you some questions regarding tongue posture?

    I have an overbite too. when you first started maintaining tongue posture,

    -do you purposely slide your lower jaw forward or leave it as it is( behind the upper jaw as in overbites)?

    -do your back molars touch?

    -do you clench your jaws?

    -are there any changes to your eyes?



    1. Hi there, I’m no expert but I will try my best to answer your questions. 🙂

      When you move your tongue forward so that the tip of the tongue is on the ridge behind your front teeth, I find that your lower jaw naturally moves forward a bit. That said because I have an overbite, even if I move my tongue into the correct position, it is impossible for me to put my front lower and upper set of teeth together comfortably. I just do my best to ensure they make contact with each other.

      My back molars don’t touch unless I am chewing.

      I don’t clench my jaw per say but I do make sure that my lower and upper front teeth have some form of contact.

      Your cheekbones border your eyes and so does the maxilla, so they might look different in how they are set in your face, if you assume the right oral posture. I think that is the case for me to some degree.


    1. Hi there. 🙂

      Generally speaking keeping your tongue in the correct position will exert *some* force on the maxilla in that you are supporting your maxilla with your tongue. That said when you are about to go to sleep you might want to make a state of suction in your mouth so that your tongue is more likely to stay in position. This might exert more upward force.

      I hope my reply helps. :S


  4. Wow! I can’t believe you’ve made so much progress over the years. I remember finding your blog years ago, right before I started orthodontic treatment as I had a lot of skeletal structural issues. Reading your posts inspired me and gave a lot of hope that great change and improvement can happen over the years, comforting me when I felt insecure. Thank you so much Zoe! You look so much happier and confident than when I first found your blog. I hope to see you update again soon at some point! Take care!

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    1. Awww Anna! Your comment made me smile!
      I hope your treatment went well, I bet you look super. x
      One day, I might update. The reason I don’t update any more is because I am a lot more confident in my appearance now, and so I am less bothered about creating and writing about improvements. Though that could change at any point.
      Take care Anna, you’re great. 🙂


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